Fit For A Queen: Wildfox Couture Fall 2014 Sunglasses

Apple just released a new Mac OS, and we made a Tumblr app especially for it. What’s the app do?
It lets you post to Tumblr from almost anywhere on your Mac. If a window has a share button, you can share the things in that window to Tumblr. Got a photo lying around on your desktop? Throw it right onto your blog with a couple of mouse clicks. 
It’s also a browser that goes to Tumblr and only to Tumblr. The rest of the internet? Don’t worry about it. You’re not missing anything.
That’s it. Nice, simple little app. Download it.
(And, hey, looks like some of you already made fan art for it.)

#UNIF Doll Dress
#vscocam  (at Rocklyn, Portsoy)
#vscocam Siouxsie cat

i agree 100%